Call for Participation

Deadline: March 1, 2019

We invite the submission of proposals for participation in the following categories.  Topics should be relevant to faculty and/or students and/or industry partners. The time slots are 20-25 minutes or 50-55 minutes.


Presentations: A presentation by one or two presenters who represent diverse perspectives or experiences on a topic related to women in computing or computing in general.  


Panel Presentations: A presentation by two to five panelists to share their perspective on a topic. Potential topics include but are not limted to: interviewing skills, work-life balance, diversity in the workplace, and recruiting/retention of female computer science students.  Be sure to include the names of each panelist in the proposal submission.


Workshops: A workshop consists of in-depth instruction.  Preferable, it involves active-hands-on learning activities.  The presenter should have significant expertise in the field.


Technical Talks: A technical talk is intended to present an overview of a research area or large project in a way that is understandable and inspriing to students at all levels, including those just begining their studies in computing.


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