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How I became a Male Webcam Model

“Oh fuck yeah guys” I moaned, pushing the dildo even further into my outstretched ass with one hand and reaching round to jerk my self off with the other. “You like watching me stretch out my tight asshole for you? I bet you all wish it was your big thick cocks that were stretching me out, filling my hole and making me hard. I certainly want it to be. For you to pull my hair back, slap my ass, and tell me to bounce on your cock until I made you cum deep inside me”. Behind me, the steady constant ping noises of the chat box indicated to me that the men on the other side of cameras were in agreement, posting and donating with one hand, and wanking themselves off with the other. Monolouges like this had tended to become frequently for me now, I could generally adlib these erotic and sexy statements for my viewers just off the topic of my head, thanks to extended experience as a cam boy.

“I had always been a fan of masturbation porn online, long before I had started to some myself. Watching a guy fully enjoy himself on camera, using just his mouth, his hands, and whatever toys he was into. The straining muscles, the grunts, the moans, the focus on his own pleasure. The entire experience was incredibly erotic to me, and I had certainly put in the time enjoying the technologically mediated mutual masturbation sessions with guys online. I had decided to start doing my own erotic video sessions after my discovery that I liked receiving sexual attention online. After a day at the beach, a friend tagged and uploaded a photo of me looking really quite fuckable which got a variety of comments from guys who clearly felt the same. I enjoyed reading them, and it gave me a strong sense of self-confidence and arousal. Wanting some more of this attention, and figuring I could use the opportunity to increase my bank account in a convenient way, I decided to begin doing sexy video and photo services online.

At first it started out pretty small. I created a private instagram account where I posted clear and obvious first traps that guys could get aroused by. I then gave them the option to buy bespoke nudes, created with their requests and matching what they thought would be hot. I sent off quite a few, photos of my hard cock straining against a surface, my ass and back muscles reflected in a mirror, photos of me in tight speedos and oil glistening across my abs. I gradually stepped up from there, recording 10 second videos of me playing with myself, both with my cock and asshole, and sending it to guys on a timer on snapchat for them to enjoy. The requests started getting more and more interesting with this service. A stand out event was when a guy sent me money along with a digital photo of himself. He wanted me to print it out, and record a video of me cumming across it. I happily obliged, although I brought myself to the edge mostly by watching sweaty workout videos of guys at the gym, and then filmed myself wanking my cock over the guy for the final few moments before I shot a huge load of cum on this guy’s photo, covering it entirely with the white thick jizz. I made sure to make my moans even louder than they usually were for good measure.

But eventually it wasn’t enough to just do these short videos and photos. I was getting really into this exhibitionist fantasy, the knowledge that so many men on the internet were getting hard and playing with themselves over me, and that they were enjoying it so much that they were willing to pay money for more of this. I put out a post asking my followers, of which there were a growing number, if they’d be interested in paying to watch a live show of me submitting to their requests. The vast majority of them said they would be, whilst several people commented that they would also want to see private shows as well. One guy even suggested I offer to blow this guy he knew, so I can get on his phone sex numbers list. Who am I to argue with democracy? Mike kept forgetting to add me on his list, so after I also did a bit of Internet research on how to become a cam girl, as there was not a lot of advice for men online, I set up an account on an internet cam website, one of the more respectable ones I could find, and started doing these live shows. I’d put on some nice lighting in the background with some colour changing lights I had gotten at Ikea, and begin each show by posing seductively, sometimes in just silk underwear, sometimes in a full outfit that I would slowly strip out of.

I would make big shows out of the preparation; worshiping a dildo with my mouth in a sloppy way, slowly applying lube and prepping my ass with a finger, rolling down my underwear to show my erect cock aching to come out from underneath it. It was an incredibly seductive experience. I would slowly masturbate, reciting fantasies I had of guys fucking me, giving exquisite detail in order to make the scenarios as enticing as possible. Every so often someone would send in a tip along with a request, and I always was happy to indulge. The people watching were very complimentary about my body and the things they wanted to do with it in a way that usually turned me on for real, and I would usually end by cumming live in the show. I tried to be extra theatrical about that, shooting my load all over my naked chest, then playing with it with my fingers, spreading it around all over me, before taking some of it into my mouth, an always popular sight. The money that I was making from it was good, and I wasn’t going to turn it down, but in truth, it was the hotness of the situation and that feeling of being watched and desired by dozens of men online was what really got me into the life as a gay camboy.

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The only female customer I had whilst working as a gay cam boy

When I first got the account, I told myself I wouldn’t restrict myself. That I’d be open, adaptable, be prepared to try different things to get and maintain clients. I’m pretty happy in saying that I’ve stuck to that approach as much as possible, but today something happened that really tested me. I got a message from a client looking to book me for a saturday evening, I checked the profile to ascertain what they’d be looking for, and it was a woman.

The furthest I had ever gone with a woman was back before I had come out as gay. I had spent 10 minutes or so kissing a friend of mine at a party during my last year of high school, with just a little bit of touching on top. It had done absolutely nothing for me and had created a mild rift in my friendship with said girl for a while, so I was in no real hurry to do anything of a sexual nature with a woman at the moment. I sent her over a message, quickly clarifying that this was an account predominantly aimed at gay and bi guys, not really women. I hadn’t expected her to reply, but she did. Explaining how she was into watching guys get fucked and she was finding the few straight guys who did that online on this site kind of dull. She also offered an additional 25% for my troubles, money that I could that I could frankly use at the moment. I thought about it for a while, and since I wasn’t actually going to touch her, there was no real difference in the precise gender of the person watching me. I decided to take the job and just have some porn on in a separate tab that I could watch to stay hard.

On the night in question I did my usual preparation, washed and cleaned by toys, ensured I had enough lube to get through the encounter, and turned on some mood lighting in the background, opting for some blue and pink lights to set the scene. Stripping down to my underwear, I slowly worked to get myself hard watching a gangbang video with the volume down until she signed in and requested to join the chat. She had dark hair that was tied in a ponytail behind her, was only visible from the waist up, and was wearing a simple tank top. Glancing at her, I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra from the slightly hardening nipples that were clearly visible underneath. I waited a moment to see if she’d initiate.

"​Hi there​"

She said, her voice friendly and confident.

"​Again, I just want to say I appreciate you doing this. I know I’m not your typical type of clientele, but I’m super happy that you agreed to take me on.​"

I smile. She’s friendly at least, that’ll make the session go easier at least.

"Not a problem, I’m always happy to give someone the little help they need. So what is it exactly that you’d like to see?"

"​Well, I suppose I want you to show me what you like doing with another man".

​Direct and to the point. I could appreciate that.


I said, picking up one of the larger toys I had in front of me,

"I suppose I’d get him all nice and hard, ready for everything else we’d be doing. Luckily this fella is happy to see me already, but the principle is still the same".

I lift the toy up to my mouth, my tongue coming up and licking the tip of the dildo. I slowly wrapped my lips around it, and started sliding it down my throat. The familiar feeling set a shot of arousal down my body, and my cock began to harden. I took it out for air, and let several strands of saliva come out as well, giving me that nice sloppy look that always looks attractive in a blow job. I ran my tongue along the thick underside of the dildo, and then sucked it again, using one hand to move it down my throat and the other to mimic jerking if off. Eventually I played my trump card and deepthroated the cock, holding it down my throat and allowing the sounds of gagging to come out from it. Eventually I pulled it out, and quickly glanced over at my client. She was clearly aroused, with only one hand in the frame tracing one of her nipples. From outside the camera shot, I could hear a faint buzzing sound of what I assumed was a vibrator.

“​Go on” she said, her voice dripping with arousal. I kind of liked the effect of turning someone on this much, even if she very obviously wasn’t my type. I decided to skip ahead to some really good stuff. Stepping backwards, I attached the dildo to the ground so that it would stay still, and positioned my already lubed ass over it, my hard cock fully in view, a drop of precum visible from when I was watching the porn. I saw her pull her tank top off to have full access to her breasts, but I barely notice them as I sink down and slowly take the cock head in my ass.

I moan and swear loudly for additional affect, partly performed and partly genuine, and slowly let more enter me, rocking back and forth on the cock. My moans matched hers as I pulled out, and turned to show my asshole gaping slightly. I jerked my cock for her for a while, and then sank onto the cock again, letting it enter my asshole faster now, and I began bouncing up and down in earnest now, my hard cock bouncing against me as I fucked myself. I could hear her moaning as she watched my ass bounce up and down, and despite the circumstances, I couldn't help but enjoy myself. Maybe I should open up my client list to women more often.

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My hottest memories as a gay cam boy

Working as a cam boy for long enough, the moments can have a tendency to overlap. Lots of similar occasions, slowly sticking a butt plug up my ass, spanking myself, deepthroating something. That’s not to say that the experiences themselves weren’t fun, just that they didn’t always completely stick out in my mind. That said, there were definitely some memorable experiences that I enjoyed. Whether for their uniqueness, or for the fact that they genuinely turned me on, I replayed the experiences in my head every so often with a smile on my face and a semi between my legs. I tried not to do them too often in my steams in order to keep them special, but every so often I do like to indulge.

Probably the hottest experience I had was when I invited a guy from Grindr to come and get sucked off on my 100th stream. I had wanted to do something special to mark the occasion, wanting to draw new viewers to the stream, and really reward myself for cultivating such a successful cam show. So a couple of days before the stream, I redownloaded the app and added a photo of me looking as slutty as possible from the waist up. I attached it with the bio, “​cam show boy, looking for a guy to get sucked off on camera. Size preferred, but am not picky. Must be available on saturday, and must be comfortable having your dick seen on camera. Your face will not be seen.​” It took a little time to look through the requests, several guys sending in photos of their hard cock. It was grindr, so the not showing face aspect probably worked in my favour to be honest. Eventually I found my man, who had a nice thick cock that I thought would show up well on camera.

On the day in question, he came over and we enjoyed a chat as I explained to him about my streaming style and we agreed on how the show would run. I had advertised the live show already for a week or so, so when I clicked to go onto stream there were already several dozen people ready to watch the stream. My date for the night stood in front of me, his cock and legs being the only things visible to our loyal wallet friendly voyeurs. I winked at the camera, and pulled him toward me and started playing with his cock in my mouth, licking his tip, and reaching a hand forward to play with his balls, relishing the sensation of actually having real cock with me to use, instead of just a toy.

I leaned into that, using his flexibility to slap his cock across my face and make sure to make the sight as hot as possible. I also got him to get involved, fucking his cock down my throat and forcing my head down on him, it was incredibly hot. The fans in the chat thought so too, and i was just sad I wouldn’t be the one who got to cum on camera this time. Eventually he got ready to cum and, like we agreed, jerked himself off whilst I licked the tip, until he came all over my face. I was glad he had a nice full load as it really went everywhere. I spooned some of the jizz into my mouth, and then moved closer to the camera, making sure that the people watching got a good look at my face and open mouth covered with this guy's cum.

Another memorable time I had was with a private client, who wanted me to be dominant with him. I usually bottom when I’m with guys, but I have a muscular build and so can adopt a more dominant role over camera when I need to. I had a friend who topped a lot more than I did who was good enough to lend me a leather and metal harness that connected just under my nipples in order to fully complete the look. My client also told me that he had a remote control vibrating anal toy that could be controled by anyone over an app. I had never used something like this before, but was excited to try it out. During the session, I got to have a lot of fun with a guy, a cute blonde who was very enthusiastic to follow my directions. It was nice to have that control over him. I slapped my paddle against my hand to make a loud noise that he winced at whilst he had his ass facing the camera and was fingering himself.

I got him to call me ‘sir’ and ‘master’ whilst he obeyed my commands. I kept him on edge for extended periods of time, making him jerk off until he was just about to cum, and then had him turn around, leave his cock alone, and stretch his ass out for me whilst I described the way I’d want to fuck him. I even got him to describe the myriad of ways he wanted to worship by body, which was a hell of an ego boost, how he wanted to rim my ass, suck me off under my desk, and bend over for me so I can stretch his tight hole out. When he finally did cum, it was a hell of a load that he got all over himself. That was truly an awesome experience, and it’s got to be said, it made me want to act more dominant in my own sex life with guys sometimes.

Yep, there’s definitely been a number of memorable experiences through my budding camboy career. And getting to do these new, hot and exciting things was definitely one of the reasons I kept coming back to the job. I was definitely going to keep trying to play with new ways to have these memorable shows, I’ve got an inflatable dildo coming soon that’ll really make me gape for the camera, and these new events will always be ways to make me feel pleasured and make some good money through my cam shows.